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Japanese assistance was provided not only for economic development but also gave considerations to social and environmental aspects. Let me explain the example of the hydro-electric power plant project in Riau assisted by Japan.
At the time, the project was halted because the local residents opposed being relocated. So, working together with the Japanese Government, I had a long discussion with the locals to explain to them that if relocated they could lead a better life and also preserve what they had cherished from ancient times. Our effort was fruitful. Furthermore, since the time when I was the Minister of Mining and Energy Resources, Japan had started to give considerations to environmental matters.

With regard to the economic relationship between Indonesia and Japan, Japan's ODA was a driving force of the Indonesian economy and also its supporting pillar. Japanese ODA support with the development of infrastructure and human resources in Indonesia, and the improvement of the investment climate led to inflows of Japanese investment. Through such a process, the economic relationship between Indonesia and Japan has been forged. Many goods exported from Indonesia are processed goods which are produced by joint ventures between Indonesia and Japan. Many electronic equipments exported from Indonesia are produced by Japanese companies and exported to Japan. Such export activities are possible thanks to the infrastructure (industrial infrastructure) built with Japanese investment such as industrial complexes in Bekasi and Karawang. In this way, economic relationship between Indonesia and Japan is supported to a large degree by Japanese ODA.

Indonesia and Japan share the common interests, are both democratic nations and support market economy. Looking to the future, Japan is a strategic partner for Indonesia. Japan should strengthen its support for human resource development so that Indonesia can enhance its capacities. This is because economic development is supported by technology and human resources.

Embassy of Japan is currently hiring for Security Officers (local staff) who can start work starting on August 1, 2011.

Security Officers Staff

Explanation Occupation:
As the officer in charge of maintaining internal security and control of security in and around the Japanese Embassy building, with 24-hour picket job rotation, followed by 2 days off.

The amount required:
One (1) person.

1) citizen, male, age max 35 years
2) the last of at least senior secondary education (graduate)
3) Have experience as a security force of at least 1 (one) year

Documents to be attached:
1) Curriculum Vitae (CV) and recent photograph size 4x6 1 (one)
2) Working as a Security Certificate (photo copy)

Send resume by mail before July 7, 2011 to:
Embassy of Japan
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 24
Jakarta 10350
Include the code SEC / July-07 at the top left corner of the envelope cover.
(Only those who signed the Post Cap to be processed for selection)

Selection Process:
For those who passed the document will be called for interview. Results of selection will be notified to the candidate until the date of July 12, 2011. For those who had heard nothing up to that date, meaning not pass the selection document. The results of the selection interview will be notified on July 18, 2011.
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