Lowongan BUMN Pertamina Retail 2011

As one subsidiary of the company the world leader of energy, PT.Pertamina (Persero) which manages the gas station COCO (Company Owned Company Operated), and Bright, we have a commitment to always provide the best products and service for our customers.

With you, as one of our customers, we are ready to bring in more business, increase your business and your business grow together.

Although we are one of the youngest subsidiary has been formed by PT.Pertamina (Persero), but we have a lot of experience in the retail business and non-fuel retail business.

Company-run business is to manage the pump in order for the motor vehicle fuel sales and in the efforts of Non Fuel Retail / NFR (Bright C-Store/Minimarket & Cafe, LPG ​​Shop, Car Wash, Oil-Mart Bright, Lubricants, ATMs and more another.

Products owned by Pertamina Retail with Retail Fuel division are:

is the type of distillate fuel oil a clear yellowish. The yellow color is due to the additional dye (dye). The use of premium is generally used for automotive fuel gasoline engine, like cars, motorcycles, outboard motors and others. The fuel is often also referred to as motor gasoline or petrol.

unleaded motor gasoline is the complete content of the latest generation additives that will clean up Port Fuel Injector Valve Intake and combustion chamber from carbon deposits and has a Research Octane Number (RON) 92. Pertamax an environmentally friendly fuel (unleaded) and high-octane.

New formula made from raw materials of high berkualtas ensure your motor vehicle engines work better, more powerful, "knock-free", low emission, and lets you save on fuel consumption. The fuel is recommended for vehicles manufactured after 1990, especially those using the technology equivalent of electronic fuel injection and catalytic converters.

Pertamax Plus
superior fuel is a Public Company with a high energy content and environmentally friendly, manufactured using high-quality selection of raw materials as a result of perfecting the formula for the product before the Public Company. This product is intended for vehicles that sophisticated technology that use high-octane fuel and environmentally friendly.

Pertamax Plus is recommended for vehicles that have a compression ratio of> 10.5 and also are using technology Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), Intelligent Variable Valve Timing (VVTi), (VTI), turbochargers and catalytic converters.

Pertamina DEX
is the fuel of modern diesel engines that meet and achieve exhaust gas emission standards EURO 2, has a number of high performance with a cetane number above 53 (HSD has a cetane number 45), has a high quality with a sulfur content below 300 ppm, is recommended for diesel engines latest technology (Diesel Common Rail System), so that fuel consumption will be more efficient and economical and produces more power.

Bio Solar
is the fuel mixture for diesel engines consisting of non-fossil biological oil (bio fuel) - for 5 (five) percent of palm oil or CPO (Crude Palm Oil) which has been formed into Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) and 95 percent diesel pure subsidized. This fuel will gradually reduce the role of solar.

Now Pertamina Retail is opening position for

Complaints Customer Staff
Work locations Jakarta


With the following criteria:
  • Male / Female
  • Bachelor Degree Graduatedlast education S1
  • Married / Single
  • Experience in the field (Min) 2 yrs
  • Mastering Ms. Office
  • Can speak english both oral and written fluently.
  • Having Integrity, can work independently or team, has a spirit to serve and be responsible
  • look attractive
Interested applicants please send your resume not later than July 15, 2011 at the link provided below

pethel 27 Jun, 2011

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