Lowongan BUMN PT Sucofindo

SUCOFINDO was established on October 22, 1956 as the first inspection company in Indonesia which is 95% owned by the Republic of Indonesia and 5% owned by Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) Holding, SA.

Starting from the development of trading activities primarily on agricultural commodities, the smooth flow of goods and securing the State foreign exchange in export-import trade, then through creativity, innovation SUCOFINDO new services on the basis of competence in line with the development needs of the business.

Business Services SUCOFINDO was first owned cargo superintendence & inspection, then through the analysis study and innovation SUCOFINDO diversified services, so that subsequent born-service warehousing & forwarding services, analytical laboratories, industrial & marine engineering, industrial hygiene & Fumigation.

Now Sucofindo is open position and detail vacancies can be viewed at Cis-Cus
pethel 06 Aug, 2011

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